GLSA Awards & Recognition

Volunteer of the Year

2016 GLSA Volunteer of the YearThe GLSA strives to positively impact the community through sports. But we don't do it alone. It takes plenty of volunteers and countless hours to make a difference. This award is intended for individuals who support the GLSA mission, volunteer at GLSA supported events and represent the spirit of a true "team player". Nominations will be accepted from anyone participating with, or organizing a GLSA supported event. Volunteers must meet the following criteria; enthusiastic, dependable, flexible, participatory, friendly, determined and committed. To nominate a volunteer please email Nominations will be accepted through the end of the year, and awarded at the annual meeting in March.

Past GLSA Volunteer of the Year Award Winners
2016 - Vicki Caine (pictured above)
2015 - Laurel Winkel
2014 - Richard Miles

Sport Partner of the Year

2016 GLSA Partner of the YearThe Sport Partner of the Year will be awarded to a club, individual or organization that supports the GLSA mission and has made a significant impact in the community through sport. Eligible recipients will have impacted the community through sport in the following ways: awareness, economic impact, quality of life, creation of opportunity, community engagement and participation. The Sports Partner of the Year is recognized at the annual meeting in March.


Past GLSA Partner of the Year Award Winners
2016 - MSU Archery Club (pictured above)
2015 - Hope Sports Complex
2014 - Lansing Skating Club

2016 Greater Lansing Community Champions

Greg Mallek - Athletic Director, Lansing Community College
Since 2012, Greg Mallek has been the Athletic Director at Lansing Community College and has elevated the presence of LCC Athletics. Greg coordinates the annual LCC Cross Country Invitational which attracts over 600 runners to the community. To complement this prestigious event, LCC’s Men’s Cross Country Team won the National Jr. College Athletic Association’s National Championship last year. In 2015, Greg was responsible for attracting and hosting the NJCAA Regional Championships for Cross Country and Fast Pitch Softball.  These regional events created a high profile for the Lansing region as a host for NJCAA level events.  Greg is always on the lookout for events that would be a good fit in the Lansing region and will help positively impact the sport community.

Dead Frog Far Out Volleyball - Karyn Furlong
The Dead Frog Far Out Volleyball Club created the JVA President’s Day Challenge as a local volleyball tournament for high school aged competitors. The first event was held here three years ago and in that short time has grown substantially. The 2016 event saw more than 300 teams participate bringing thousands of youth and their families to the Lansing area. Teams play at locations across the region including: the Lansing Center, Aim High, Summit Sports and Ice Complex and numerous school/community gyms. 

Original Okinawan Karate - Sensei Iha
Sensei Iha is the senior most practitioner of Okinawa Shorin-ryu residing in the United States and is ranked a Hanshi 10th Dan by the Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate-do Association of Naha, Okinawa.  Hundreds of former students and practitioners from across the globe come to Lansing every August to participate in the National Training Seminar hosted by the Original Okinawan Karate. The value and success of the event is proven, as in 2016 they will celebrate their 40th annual National Training Seminar. The Seminar is designed so that anyone, regardless of sex, age or rank can benefit and learn.