Anyone that reads this blog is in for a real treat this week, as we have a special local guest-blogger, who happens to be a highly-ranked qualifier for the upcoming 2017 Junior Olympic Level 9 Eastern National Gymnastics Championships, set to be held at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex in Dimondale Michigan, April 28-30th.

March Magic Hoopfest is a true celebration of basketball, and what better possible timing? Mid-March is the best possible time for basketball, I mean every hoop-lovers dream. You've got prep basketball playoffs going on and the college ranks are preparing for the big tournament, brackets are flying around and everybody is keeping their eye on their favorite team and learning about the match-ups with possible opponents.

If you've never been to March Magic Hoopfest at the Jenison Fieldhouse you've been missing out on a super cool experience, especially if you're a basketball nut. This time of year everyone is watching basketball and thinking about basketball - but what about playing basketball? Don't you want your shot at glory? Or to set the record in the 3 point shoot out? Maybe beat your Dad in a game of HORSE? All this fun and more awaits at March Magic Hoopfest. The event is held in conjunction with the MHSAA Boys State Basketball tournament going on at the Breslin Center. Going to the games at Breslin? Stop over to Hoopfest for some game fun of your own! Just in the area and want to spend the day getting hot and sweaty? Hoopfest awaits for just $2 admittance. Come and play all day if you want. What exactly is there to do at Hoopfest? Glad you asked.

Is there anything you love so much you feel like you’re waiting around all year for it? Maybe Christmas, or your birthday or summer vacation? Well Hoopie knows how you feel. No he’s not that big on the holiday season. No, he doesn’t really like summer vacation. He’s not a student and actually, he prefers Spring. March to be exact. Why? Because he loves basketball and March is when basketball goes from good to great.

Great teams thrive by working together, but that doesn't always come naturally even with extended time on the practice field and during in-game competition. On your visit to Lansing, we want you to play hard, but we also think it's an awesome opportunity to check out area attractions to foster team unity. Coaches know teams that achieve a locker room chemistry in which they are willing to work for and push each other are almost always more successful than a divided group.   

Here are six ideas where athletes can spend time learning about their teammates:

The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau (GLCVB) is proud to acknowledge local individuals who assist the GLCVB in securing meetings, conventions or other events for the Greater Lansing region. The name and theme of the special program is: Greater Lansing Community Champions; Hometown Meetings Make Good Cents!

There are lists galore on the best motivational or inspirational quotes from sports figures. Every fan knows cancer-stricken basketball coach Jim Valvano's stirring speech that included the battle cry "don't give up, don't ever give up." Some of the words of NFL great Vince Lombardi are among the most quotable ever to emerge from a leader in any position and coaches in all sports look at John Wooden's techniques. Those who have made their mark and been sports leaders in Greater Lansing, Michigan have offered these takes on their lives and its advice applicable for non-athletes as well.  

The Greater Lansing Sports Authority (GLSA) is a full-service sports commission. What that means is we are here, by your side, to help plan, promote and execute your sports tournament or event in Greater Lansing, Michigan. What specific help and or services do you provide? We're glad you asked.

Unless you're a total stand out athlete, when high school is over, your days of being a part of organized sports are pretty much over. Oh, you may do a little intramural sports in college, and at that time your friends are young enough where it’s pretty common to get together a pick-up basketball game or a little football that starts out as touch and becomes tackle right around the Friday after Thanksgiving. But, more and more, as you get older you do more watching sports and far less playing them yourself. Yes, you can get exercise by working out, but lifting weights or busting your butt on the stair master doesn’t give you the team camaraderie or the pure thrill that comes with making a goal, hitting a long three-point basket or blowing somebody up in dodge ball.