LANSING, Mich.-The Greater Lansing Sports Authority (GLSA), along with the Lansing Skating Club and Suburban Ice East Lansing are pleased to host the 2015 National Solo Dance Series Final, September 23-26, 2015.

This event, being held for the first time in Greater Lansing (and the first time ever held outside Colorado Springs, Colorado) will bring 166 ice dancers from across the nation to compete in Greater Lansing during this multi-day competition.

"This is a first-rate sports event for the region and for the governing body to select Greater Lansing to host is a huge win," said Meghan Ziehmer, Manager of Sports Events. "Our resume of past successful ice sports events combined with the strength of our regional ice sports partners was a key to getting this event which will have all kinds of positive impact on the community as a whole."

The 2015 National Solo Dance Series Final will include 166 participants, 114 coaches, 20 officials and hundreds more friends and family for an average five-night stay in the Greater Lansing area. During the stay, visitors will have time to get out and explore the community and its many restaurants, shops and attractions.

Participants will include skaters from 23 states, including one local skater from Greater Lansing, Maeve Pascoe. Skaters have been competing to qualify for this event since March. The event is spectator-friendly with $5 admission daily or an event pass for $12 - Tickets available at Suburban Ice.

Visit for additional event information. If you have specific questions about the event or the GLSA, contact Meghan Ziehmer at 734-417-8967.

The Greater Lansing Sports Authority (GLSA) is a division of the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau. The GLSA's mission is to be the leading voice of sports tourism in the Greater Lansing area and to promote economic growth by attracting a diverse range of sporting events to the region. The GLSA strives to enhance the quality of life for area residents through the development of local sports and fitness programs for all ages, and to support the continued development and maintenance of safe, high-quality athletic facilities.