EAST LANSING, Mich. - The Greater Lansing Sports Authority (GLSA) has officially announced that due to a scheduled event for Michigan State University Athletics at the Jenison Field House over the dates of March 21-23rd, the March Magic Hoopfest event will take a one-year break in 2013. The 2013 MHSAA Boys and Girls State Basketball Finals will be held at the Breslin Student Events Center as planned and Hoopfest will return in 2014.

The basketball-themed fan fest event which began in 2009 has increased in popularity and attendance every year and has served to help create a unique basketball environment surrounding the annual MHSAA tournament. The break for the 2013 Hoopfest event came down to simple logistics.

"Due to the unique nature of the event, we had to have the right venue in the right location to put it on properly," said Mike Price, Executive Director of the Greater Lansing Sports Authority. "When it was clear than Jenison was unavailable on the dates of the MHSAA tournament we considered other venues but nothing available was the right fit. We're fortunate to have a solid relationship with both Michigan State University and the MHSAA and will be bringing Hoopfest back for 2014, bigger and better than ever."

John Johnson, Communications Director with the MHSAA echoes Price's remarks about the valuable partnership and bringing back the popular event next year. "We're sorry to be losing March Magic Hoopfest this year but are still looking forward to a great tournament and a fun environment in East Lansing," said Johnson. "When Hoopfest returns in 2014 we know the community will welcome it back."

The MHSAA Boys and Girls State Basketball Finals, and March Magic Hoopfest, are scheduled to take place at Michigan State University through 2017.

For those seeking more information about the March Magic Hoopfest event, or the cancellation for 2013 please call 517-449-1406 or visit http://www.marchmagichoopfest.com/.