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What is Sports Tourism?

Sports event tourism refers to people who visit a city to participate in or watch sporting events. For some reference, the two sports events that attract the most tourists worldwide are the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. These events are held once every four years, in a different city in the world. That makes them an "itinerant sports event" - that is to say, a sporting event that is bid upon by various host cities, and the event moves around from host city to host city. Communities don’t need to wait around for something as massive as the Olympics to get into the sports tournament hosting game though - oh no. The entire country has an ever-growing passion for tournament sports, endurance races and athletic contests of every shape and size.

write up 2In case you've been hanging out under a rock for the last decade the Greater Lansing community, and the driving force for sports tourism in the area the Greater Lansing Sports Authority, are growing like crazy. Sports events (over 100 a year) and sports-related visitors (hundreds of thousands) are coming to the region every year to play the games they love. Road races, soccer tournaments, baseball, bowling, lacrosse, wrestling, gymnastics - the list goes on and on. Why is this happening? There are a few key reasons.

I think you'd be surprised, that in a community the size of Greater Lansing Michigan, we have so many well-known stand-out athletes born right here in the middle of the mitten. From wrestlers to divers to golfers to boxers, runners, refs and hoops stars we are literally brimming over with sports super stars. To me it says something about our local sports culture. This is a sports-minded community, and not only because we have Michigan State in our backyard. Sports are just in our blood.