The notion of a home-coming conjures images of welcoming faces, cherished places and fond memories from the past. Whether that home is your actual home, or a place that you made home, it doesn't really matter. It's the feelings, people and old memories coming back to you like a forgotten favorite story that are truly worth slowing down to cherish. If you're a Spartan, and Michigan State University was your college home away from home, that time for fond remembrances is this weekend, October 12-14, 2012.

Michigan State University Homecoming

Homecoming at MSU is a time to reflect, and enjoy all things SPARTAN!

At MSU, homecoming is a lot more than a football game. Heck, around here, we celebrate that all through the fall. No, homecoming is full of all kinds of special events, held in special places throughout campus. Click on the links below for a full list of all things Spartan Homecoming 2012, but if you ask me, I'll tell you the thing to do if you want to jump into Spartan Spirit with both feet this weekend. On Friday, October 12 you can start things off with an awesome meal at any one of a dozen classic East Lansing restaurants. Take your pick. The Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe, Coral Gables, Beggar's Banquet, etc. check out the things to do - Dining section of this site for a complete list of suggestions (here's a link if you're feeling lazy Then, after dinner head over to the Breslin Center, the home of MSU Basketball, and take in Midnight Madness! This is the annual celebration of the start of NCAA Basketball Season, for both Men and Women. From 10:30 p.m. to way past midnight, you'll enjoy Spartan Hoop and an indoor Football pep rally like no other. Saturday morning, bright and early, Spartan Nation will be ready to rock once again as the Spartan Football team takes on Iowa in a classic Big Ten showdown. After tailgating for that and either going to the game or watching it in your favorite old East Lansing college bar (The Riv, Crunchy's, Rick's, OMalleys? Yup, all still there) I highly recommend a walk around campus to clear your head and walk down memory lane. I know when I walk though campus with my kids I find myself saying, "I had a ton of classes in that building. I used to eat lunch in here at the Student Union all the time! Hey, this is the State News, I always read this!" and things like that. If you've moved far away from MSU you'll find campus is still gorgeous, no matter the season. Then end your walk with a stop into the student Book Store, for some updated Spartan gear to take home with you. Well, to your new home, that is. When you're a Spartan, East Lansing will always be home too. This weekend, remember it well.