Lansing River Trail

Summer calls for Adventure, and you can have a totally thrilling adventure right here in Greater Lansing!

Summer is a sweet time, that's not news - but how are you going to fill those hot and steamy days? By this time of the summer even the most relaxed among us are getting a little tired of sitting on a lounge chair in the sun. It's time for a little adventure! I mean get your blood pumping with some action, a little controlled danger and the frantic pace of summertime sport and excitement. No, dont freak out. You dont have to travel to the Moab, ride 100 miles per hour across the Sahara or climb a sheer rock face like something in Mission Impossible. You can have a fun and pulse-quickening adventure right here in Greater Lansing. Want an itinerary? You got it. Start your day with a controlled climb 50 feet up at the Ropes Course at the Spare Time Entertainment Center. Climb and twist and reach and test your balance skills. Now that you're getting hot and sweaty, head over to the East Lansing Aquatic Center. A swim in the pool and a few wild rides on the water slides will thrill you, and chill, you at the same time. Ready for more? Sure you are. Time to take to the area's beautiful natural waterways and take a kayak ride down the Grand River care of the fine folks at River town Adventures. Your ride can be as exciting or calm and scenic as your group demands. Hope you're having fun because you're far from done. How about heading to the west side of Lansing for horse rides at the Sundance Riding Stables? Hourly rentals give you just enough time on horseback to feel like a cowboy from the old west. After a few outings in the sun you're maybe looking for some other kind of excitement? Well I have it. Head to the shaded comfort of Zap Zone Lansing and enjoy over 30,000 square feet of laser fighting action. Split up your group into teams and fight for bragging rights. Getting tired? I sure hope not. Why? Because its time to try the latest thing in fun outdoor sports, foot golf. No, you don't need clubs and all that like regular golf, just the feet God gave you and a soccer ball. In foot golf you kick a soccer ball into a cup about the size of a man hole instead of using clubs and a golf ball. Its easier in some ways, and harder in others. Try it and see if you don't agree. The best place to play is at The Falcon in East Lansing. You've had a heck of a day, with lots of indoor and outdoor thrills and chills. Well its time for one more, but for this one, you get to sit back and watch the action. For the last part of your summer adventure, head to downtown Lansing and take in a Lugnuts game at Cooley Law School Stadium. This park is looking so incredible this summer after all the renovations and as anyone knows, the food at the park is incredible too. Enjoy the whole baseball experience; the thrill of competition, the play at the plate, the cheer of the crowd and an amazing fireworks show when the whole thing is over. Its an absolute blast and the perfect way to end your day of summer adventure in Greater Lansing. Then, as you're driving home and you look back to see your loyal party of adventurers nodding off in their seats as you head toward home you know you gave them all a day to remember. Wait until they wake up tomorrow and realize that is only about half of the fun stuff you can do in a day when you take advantage of another summer day in Michigan's Capital City.