Greater Lansing is a passionate sports town, but it's anything but traditional. Let me explain what I mean. Lansing is the capitol of Michigan, but it isn't the biggest city in the state, not even second biggest based on population. Across the country most capitol cities are also the biggest city and therefore have professional sports teams (at least one) most likely a huge university (at least one) major corporate influence (at least one) for sponsorship and tons and tons of fans. Now, given that our state's pro teams are in Detroit you might think there isn't a heck of a lot else going on - that's where you'd be wrong. This region not only has a passion for the sports that go on here in our community, it has also been the home (past and current) to athletes that have made a majorimpact on the world of sport. First, the sports that are here are big and they receive even bigger fan support. Michigan State athletics of every kind run through the veins of our residents like our very blood and our Football team and Men's and Women's basketball teams are ranked nationally every single year. The Lansing Lugnuts, our Minor League baseball team has set attendance and merchandise sales records several times over their existance since they threw out the first pitch in 1996. Prep sports across the region are also a big part of the community life-blood. A long traditional of state championship level performances are a treasured part of high school athletics in the area, visit the field house of any one of them for proof - the rafters are full of banners no matter where you go. Then there is the big time athletes that have come out of our community over the years. Now I'm not just talking about people like Steve Garvey, Kirk Gibson, Andre Rison and Jason Richardson who came from other places and then were stand outs at Michigan State - I'm talking about big time athletes that call Greater Lansing their hometown. Folks like Ervin "Magic" Johnson, John Smoltz, Mushin Muhammad, Todd Martin and Sam and Jay Vincent, just to name a few. Now, those are great names of the past, but what about now? Still going strong. Jordyn Wieber for gymnastics and Hannah Miller for figure skating are top level Olympic hopefuls - keep an eye on them. so yes, sports here are big. Its a big part of who we are and its a big reason why Greater Lansing is a great host city for athletic events of all kinds. We have the support from the GLSA, hotel accommodations, athletic venues and most of all the community support and passion to make tournaments of every kind shine.