This is a BATYOT.

This is a Be A Tourist! Explore Greater Lansing for just $1!

As a tried and true Spartan fan, I don't typically enjoy anything that's blue and yellow. Just...goes against my nature. Well I make an exception when it comes to Be A Tourist In Your Own Town (This is of course the awesome event this Saturday, May 31st, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. where you can see the whole community for just $1). During Be A Tourist, there are special CATA bus routes that take you to different parts of the city for just 50 cents. Green, blue, yellow and red. I've done the others, so lets talk about the last two. Yes indeed, the blue route and the yellow route are both full of super awesome stops that will have you loving your day, and your hometown, in no time. What will you see? Get this:

Yellow Route: Elderly Instruments: One of the coolest music shops in the world. Nuff said. Chalk of the Town: This is really neat. Some of the areas best artists make the streets and sidewalk their canvas for some amazing chalk art. Girl Scouts of America: Stop by "Daisy's Boutique" for some family fun. Absolute Gallery: View local artists work and the kids make their own art project. Friedland Industries: These guys were recycling long before it was cool. Paint a hubcap and check out the awesome model Millennium Falcon (for the Star Wars fans) outside the office. Preuss Pets: This isnt a pet store; its a natural habitat for wild things of all kinds. Totally cool. Lansing City Market: Local local local. You name it! Flowers, cheese, ice cream, Blue Route:Board of Water and Light Dye Plant: This place is so cool and rare to see. Art Deco supreme. Just B Yoga: Find inner peace as you do your best Downward Dog. Board of Water & Light Depot/REO Town: I've never seen this awesome building inside - have you? Let's go! REACH Studio Art Center: Another awesome place to make art - woo hoo! CATA Bus Facility: You see them on the streets, see where they live! Fenner Nature Center: Get back to nature and take a hike looking for pretty birds. Mt. Hope Cemetery: Too awesome. See all the gravestones of the people we've named Parks, Buildings and streets after! Potter Park Zoo: Get wild at the zoo! Haven't been in a while? You're in for a treat.