When summer is in the rear view mirror and the kids are back to school and everyone is starting to think about chili and football there is something special going on in our natural environment that really deserves your attention. In Greater Lansing the month of October lights surrounding trees and bushes with a firestorm of reds, yellows and rich browns. Beautiful fall color can be inspiring and motivational and tranquil all wrapped up into one. Sure you can take in all kinds of Fall color on a drive into the country, but this year maybe try something different. Take a different view of this stunning natural Midwestern phenomenon and observe fall color from one of Greater Lansing's many bike paths and waterways!

Hop onto Greater Lansing's boardwalk style river trail! As it winds through the community the woods will envelop you and your biking party with all kinds of amazing color. Take a tour through the campus of Michigan State University and see one of the most beautiful campuses in the country at the most beautiful time of year. Hop off the river trail and take a walk through Fenner Nature Center on the corner of Aurelius and Mt. Hope. Twisting trails and tranquil quiet are the perfect backdrop for the feast of fall color for your eyes.

If you're feeling even more adventurous, try viewing Greater Lansing's fall color from the Grand or Red Cedar River! No, I don’t mean swimming the backstroke, I'm talking about a Kayak trip! River Town Adventures and The Grand Fish will rent kayaks for your scenic nature trip through the city. As you traverse the river you'll see notable area landmarks and get a great "off the beaten path" look at the areas display of fall color.

This beautiful display is only around for a few precious weeks, so don’t delay!