Every good athlete understands that breathing is essential to performing well in any athletic feat. I guess its no different in the world of Sports Event Planning, because right now, the Greater Lansing Sports Authority is catching its breath - recovering from a whirlwind summer of hosting games and events of every kind.

Over the days of August 23-26 Greater Lansing hosted the Northern Championships for Senior Softball welcoming 55 teams from 7 states and Canada. This event is really cool to see because participants range in age from 50-80-years-old. Talk about passion for the game - these guys just don't quit! Over Labor Day Weekend Greater Lansing hosted the Capital City Dragon Boat Races, a 13 team and very successful event held on the river running through Adado Riverfront Park downtown. September 7-9, we hosted the Capital Area Soccer Classic at various soccer venues throughout the region. This brought a whopping 260 teams from around the Midwest. This is a big event to host as this tournament is one of the largest in the entire Midwest. Done yet? Nope! September 15-16 Downtown Lansing and the Lansing Center played host to the Healthy and Fit Expo, Capital City River Run and Colley 5k race. Now in its 6th year as a half-marathon the event had a great turnout for the expo and approximately 3,000 registered racers. Whew! Hold on... Let me grab a breath for a minute.

Yes, that's how it goes. Just like an athlete you go until you feel like you're going to fold over, you catch your breath and then you go for it some more. That's the way the GLSA plays it too. Yeah, right now we're catching our breath after a busy summer and early fall but we've got a lot more in the pipeline, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to tighten my shoes, grab some water and head over to the starting gate. They are calling me for our next race. Check back to www.lansingsports.org for all the info on the great events we're bringing to town!