Next in our new vlog series is a feature on the awesome downtown Lansing attraction, the Impression 5 Science Center. This super-cool hands-on science and exploration center is a ton of fun, no matter your age. In fact, if youre not careful, the parents may end up having just as much fun as the kids. If you're in town for a sports tournament for yourself, or one of your kids, when there is a break in the action (or if the little brother or sister of your tournament athlete is bored and serves a reward) get to Impression 5 in downtown Lansing! With new offerings and exhibits since the last time you were there, youve got to make a date to spend the day at Impression 5. Bring the whole family and a few hours to spend checking out all the exhibits. From bubbles to blocks to mirrors and magnets and more theres a ton to explore. The scientific world around us is a cool place. At impression five you get scientific exploration and explanation that is not only easily understood, but memorable and fun. See you at Impression 5!