I'm not going to sugar-coat it - it's HOT out there. This has been a summer where the thermometer has been red pretty much 24/7. It's okay, though. Just because its hot out doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. It doesn’t mean you're stuck inside with the AC running full blast. It just means you have to choose the right outdoor activity. Lucky for you in Greater Lansing there are a lot of fun summer activities that get you out, on or in to the water.

In a couple different areas of Lansing there are boating services that will take you out onto our scenic Grand and Red Cedar Rivers for a cruise, which can (and why not?) include a meal, or a drink. Even if you're not swimming it just is nice to be out on the water when it’s hot. Another cool thing about these boats is you get to see unique sides and angles of Lansing that usually only the ducks and geese get to see. Look into a voyage with Metro Marinas, J&K Steamboat Line or Waterfront Boat Taxi & Tours (517-930-1368).

Wanting to do a little more than just ride along the water in a boat? Want to get into it and splash around like a robin in a bird bath? I get it. The East Lansing Family Aquatic Center has water slides and a splash pad and pools and water fun that will keep you wet and happy all day. Consider a visit to Hawk Island Park or Lake Lansing for some small lake swimming and a fun and friendly park setting. Wanting to do a little water-slide action but also mini golf, go carts and video games. Check out the areas two FunTyme Adventure Parks for a day of big fun.

For another cool way to get out into the water contact River Town Adventures. This is Lansing's premiere paddling rental source! You can choose your own adventure-whether a scenic nature trip or paddle through the city. Hop into one of Lansing's rivers or lakes and experience nature and the city in a new way!! Kayak, Canoe and Paddle Board rentals available to adventurous souls.

Lastly if you're not one for swimming and boating makes you sea sick, consider Greater Lansing's literally dozens of parks, gardens and natural areas providing acres and acres of flowers, trees and beautiful cooling shade. Find a good tree, lay on your back with your hands threaded behind your head and think about how lucky you are to be alive. Ahhhh. This moment of Zen brought to you by Greater Lansing Michigan.