I've always felt there is a big difference between playing golf, and being particularly good at it. It seems you can equally love the game and be totally frustrated by it at the same time. You can go out for a round and hit 40 bad shots, but if you come away with even one - just one good shot, its enough to keep you thinking you've got enough in you to someday become a good golfer. The way I have always looked at it, you get out of golf what you put into it. So you're not a scratch golfer. Who cares? There is a lot more to enjoy about the game of golf than playing a perfect round. You're out in the sun, usually with friends and out in the sculpted and manicured grounds of the course. I mean, in what other sport can you have a beer between shots? That wouldnt work so well in a basketball game, now would it? Yes, to me, just getting out on the course is fun, and boy does Greater Lansing have a lot of great golf to choose from. Did you know this area has over 30 golf courses within a 30 mile radius? They think Northern Michigan is a golf mecca, but dont forget about the courses right here in the middle of the mitten. Numerous in quantity, expertly kept and best of all, you can actually get a tee time. Put together a foursome of friends and head to Greater Lansing for a round of golf. You'll have fun and be back for more - no matter how good you are.

This video illustrates my point perfectly. A big THANK YOU to Forest Akers for their helpful participation in the creation of this video. Think you can have a better round than I did? Head out to Forest Akers and see what you can do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCun0_lximA