Have you ever known someone who is really good at something, but everything else seems to give them a hard time? Like they shine in one arena, and just cant get the hang of the rest of life’s challenges? That’s how it is for Hoopie, the mascot for the Greater Lansing Sports Authority’s big event, March Magic Hoopfest. While the MHSAA Tournament games are going on at the Breslin Center, across Kalamazoo Street at the Jenison Field House, March Magic Hoopfest is a hands-on basketball fan fest for Basketball fans of all ages. There is an open play feel and a bunch of different basketball skill stations for attendees to try their hand.  What kinds of things can you do? Name it. Three-point shootout, slam dunk, ball handling skills challenge, free throws, lightening and a great big area for the little guys and girls to climb, play and have fun. Sounds fun, right? Yes, that’s what Hoopie thinks too. It’s his whole world. You see, at March Magic Hoopfest, Hoopie is in his element. He loves basketball and basically wants to be playing it or watching it all the time. Heck, he’ll even rebound for you all day, he just needs to be around the game. When he’s not around the game, his intentions are good but….he gets bored, and that makes him make mistakes. Hey, we aren’t all cut out for working in an office, but because Hoopfest doesn’t get going until March 24-26 and Hoopie wants to help he spent some time at the GLCVB office this week. Let’s just say it didn’t go real well and the refs made sure to point out all his mistakes, just like in a real game. Hang on Hoopie, March Magic Hoopfest will be back in just two weeks!