In Greater Lansing - You've GOT to have HOPE!

Greater Lansing has some awesome athletic facilities for amateur sports tournaments and events of all kinds. Shoot, if you know the area at all you know that. What you may not know however is the awesome stuff going on at Hope Sports Complex on Aurelius Road in Lansing.

Since July 28th, 2013 Mid-Michigan Sports Turf assumed responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the facility, taking over for Ingham County Parks and let me say - they are kicking butt already. The dedicated staff has breathed new life into the facility making upgrades and changes throughout. The biggest of which is being celebrated today at the ground breaking of the brand new 410 ft x 275ft professional turf field! There is nothing like this around and it has turf soccer players drooling. I mean it, I've seen it and its crazy. Soccer, lacrosse you name it, this puppy will be built for it all and talk about a big time tournament sports draw! This is really huge for the area - but I'll get into that more in a bit.

In addition to the new turf field, Hope Sports Complex has up to 9 natural grass fields offering varying sizes and configurations to play host to all kinds of tournaments, big and small. The grounds look amazing; there is a ton of parking, easy access to the expressway and close proximity to lodging, dining, shopping and more. What this all means, is even if you hate soccer, lacrosse and sports in general (and why on earth would you?), is that this is a prime-time tournament site, located right here in town, ready to be a piston under the hood for a healthy, well-tuned local economy. That everyone likes, am I right?

Hope Sports Complex is awesome and getting more so every day. Yep. I love Hope. And do you know what I hope? That you'll go check it out!!

Hope Sports Complex Address: 5801 Aurelius Rd, Lansing, MI 48911 Phone (517) 272-4161