Lansing Bowling- Things to do in Lansing

When is the last time you went bowling? I bet it's been forever - Well you're missing out!

I'm not sure how long its been since you've gone bowling, but I'm going to let you in on a few little secrets. One - Gone are the days of the dingy, dark and smoke-filled bowling alley. Smoke banning legislation coupled with renovations and re-marketing efforts have left us here in the Greater Lansing area with some really awesome bowling centers that are clean, sharp and offer a lot more than bowling. By that I mean awesome food, video games, pool and in some cases laser tag and more. So yeah, the bowling centers in Lansing are polished up, fresh and big-time kid-friendly. Two - The Greater Lansing area is actually well known for bowling, boasting a few of the top centers in the state, in fact. If you doubt me just ask Mike Price of the Greater Lansing Sports Authority. Mike's job is to bring sports events of all kinds into town so that attendees will spend money and boost the local economy. Well, one of the best venues we offer for sports tournaments is bowling facilities and over the years we've hosted huge men's, women's and youth tournaments with the best bowlers from around the Midwest. Long story short - if our local bowling facilities are good enough for them, they're for sure good enough for you! Lastly I'm just going to say - Think about it. When was the last time you went bowling? Grabbed some friends or your significant other or even your kid and some of their friends and went out and bowled a few games, had some beverages and a snack or two? I'm guessing its been a while and I'd be willing to bet the last time you went bowling you had a blast. Here's a strong recommendation to get back out there, hop into a pair of rented shoes and make some noise. Instead of just going out to the bar with a groupof friends, go have your drinks while you bowl a game. That way you'll get exercise from the bowling and an ab workout from laughing at how bad you, or one of your company, is bowling. hey, now that you're feeling the cold weather blues put that spare time to use and bowl a frame or two at these fine Greater Lansing establishments.

City Limits Bowling Center 801 North Cedar, Mason

Royal Scot Golf, Bowl and Banquet Center 4722 West Grand River Ave.

Spare Time Entertainment Center 3101 East Grand River Ave.