Lansing CurlingWell the Winter Olympics are long over. What were your impressions of the international festival of sport? Did any particular story-line or sport grab your attention? I know one that captured mine. Curling. Yes, curling. Not necessarily because it demands intense skill, timing and athletic ability, but because, its just, well...odd. A team of people slide a 40 lb stone and then brush madly in front of it trying to keep the stone sliding on the ice down to a target some 100+ feet away. Seems like something you'd do sitting around drinking with your friends, like darts. I'm not playing it down, I know it takes a long long time to get good at it, but it's something I can try at least. Unlike, say, ski jump? Of course its harder than it looks, pretty much everything is, but its got to be the most unusual sport in the Olympics (closely followed by Biathlon - cross country skiing and rifle shooting - what the heck). So yes, curling caught my attention, but I don't have to wait until the next winter Olympics if I'm really interested in curling, and neither do you. Right here in Greater Lansing we have an organization all about promoting this unique winter sport, the Lansing Curling Club. They offer classes and leagues and all the info you could ever want. The home ice for the Lansing Curling Club is the Summit Sports and Ice Complex in Dimondale and that place is top-notch. So what are you waiting for? Got an interest in curling? Think you can do it? Remember, you don't have to be good, this isn't the Olympics, just something new to try. Get online for info or get on the ice and go for it!