Lansing Lugnuts Baseball

Lansing comes alive when the Lugnuts are in season.

Working right across from Cooley Law School Stadium is pretty cool - and then again it isn't. Let me explain what I mean. For some of the year (5 months or so of it anyway) when I tip back in my chair and look out my window I see people bustling around the stadium, grounds staff mostly, getting it ready for another big game. I see people going up to the ticket office and then walking away from the window smiling, looking at theirtickets and calling friends happilyto say, "it's on!" I see school busses from all over the state pulling in and lining up for what will no-doubt be a lot of those kids best day of school that year - their day at the ballpark. I see the food trucks pull up, bringing loads of good ballgame grub. I see the beer trucks pull up making their delivery and ensuring that another Thirsty Thursday will be a resounding success. I see all these fun things and it gives me a good feeling.This good feeling reminds methatthe weathereventually gets nice andwarm, people are out and about and the world is a place where fun can be had. That all the work we do has breaks, which we can thenfill with fun, friends, laughs, good food and sports. Its in these breaks where our hearts feel alive! Then, sadly,there are other times. Times like now - when baseball season is close - but not close enough. That awful time when the desire is there, and we're getting these 48 degree days, where you start getting hope. Now, hope is great, but it doesn't give you opening day, that you just have to wait for - patiently. So right now, the park remains without bustle. Instead of fans laughing and pennantsflapping, I hear the howl of the chill February wind and the only thing flapping is an old garbage bag, stuck way up highin a leafless tree. A bleak picture, no? Tell me about it! This is what I see out my window everyday! But,I'm a glass-half-full guy though, I really am. Ask anyone. So I try to remain upbeat about my scenery when baseball is off-season, but I have to say, I love the buzz of Lugnuts baseball so much, its downright depressing when its gone. So for right now the best we can do is flip a few months ahead on our calendars and find that fateful day - Lansing Lugnuts OPENING DAY, Friday, April 6th 2012, and circle it about a dozen times in a bright-colored marker. That gives us something to look forward to at least, right? In the mean-time though, its okay to feel a little sad. In fact I'll leave you with this little bit of sad and moody verse that summarizes my feelings about the loss of Lugnuts baseball we feel in February. Let's call it Lugnut Lamentations:

Look - Even the little Lugnut guy is frowning...Awww

A cold wind blows across my face It punctuates the sadness of this place Save your smile for another day The Lugnuts will not play today In May and Junethis place of joy Feels like Greater Lansing's toy Sport, laughter, food and fun Its a great time had by everyone But not until Spring - we have to wait Right now we're in a FROZEN state No ticket window - No$2 draft No young slugger's honing their craft These fine things are part of SPRING Right now that's just a distant thing On 4/6/12 I'll proudly say: Give me Lugnuts or Give me Death But for now I have to hold my breath