How are you enjoying the Winter Olympics so far? Every time the Olympics come around I find myself getting caught up in the competitions, personal stories and overall medal race. It's also cool to see the whole world "play nice" for a while, you know? It gives you hope that all of the people on earth want the same things and understand the vulnerability and strength of being human. I tell you what though, if you love winter sports, you don't have to wait around for the Olympics! Heck no! Not when you're anywhere near Greater Lansing that is! Between the dedicated folks at the Greater Lansing Sports Authority and the awesome ice venues we have here in the Capital Region, there are great amateur winter sports going on all the time - LIVE - right in front of your eyes. Coming up March 13-15 is the Clover Classic Hockey Tournament at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex and the action is sure to be hot even though the playing surface is way cool. Then later on in March, the 20-22 there are the High School State Finals for Figure Skating going on at Suburban Ice East Lansing. Live ice sports action, right here in town. These are just a few of the events going on right now but keep your eyes peeled throughout the year for truly top notch ice sports going on in the community. We just recently finished up hosting a huge US Figure Skating event that was a major, multi-day competition with top skaters from all over the country. Check in often for moreLansing sports eventsand you can get a lot more winter sports action at Lansing events than just waiting around for the winter games!