Little Hawk gives you the fun of golf without the added cost, time spent and frustration of a full-sized round.Come give it a shot!

I had the good fortune this week to get over to Hawk Hollow golf course. I had a great time and shot an amazing round. You know the funny thing? I played the whole round using just my putter. Yup. All 18 holes. It was great. What's that? How did I do it? Well, that's easy, but only if you know how to find the right course. I'm not talking about the championship Hawk Hollow course itself, but the adjacent all-natural 18-hole par 54 bent grass putting course, Little Hawk.

Complete with sand traps, water hazards and rising and falling elevation this is literally miniature golf. You get the whole experience, you just dont have to drive or chip. You can play the whole course in just over an hour, so you dont need to dedicate the whole day to the game. Avid golfers can craft their putting skills and those with more of a lighthearted approach can get the feel of golf minus the frustration. No matter the age of your group you're sure to have a blast. Forget everything you know about mini-golf. You wont find a clowns mouth or a windmill here. This is mini-golf for real golfers. This course is one of only two like it in the whole state, so people from all around come to play Little Hawk. Another thing its just $8 per person to play so bring a couple foursomes out and you dont need to break the bank. Maybe by now you've heard of Little Hawk, but have you played it? Have you seen it? Come see for yourself. You'll be glad that you did. Its the best chance at a hole in one you'll ever get.