MSU Versus UofM

by Brendan Dwyer

Its MSU versus UofM
A football battle Us against them
Tradition and glory are both on the line
Creating memories of victory that age like fine wine
Its more than a game when the Green and blue fight
It's a matter of preserving all that is right
If michigan wins its a slap in our face
And the sting can be felt all over the place
On the campus itself - in the places we live
haunts like Pinball Pete's, El Az, Beggar's and the Riv
Dem Hall, The Union, Beaumont Tower for sure
All these MSU icons that make our pride stir
This campus is US - We ARE Michigan State
That's why a win against them is really so great
When Sparty grabs hold of a beat wolverine
and gives it a stare; defiant and mean
We say to UofM - we won't be denied
of the Glory of Victory and real Spartan Pride
We've won 4 of the last five - let's win it again
and let it be known throughout the Big Ten
Michigan State's passion for this annual war
Means more to us now than ever before
Let's add a new chapter to this gridiron story
It's time Spartan Nation - Prepare for Glory!


Michigan State Tailgate