MSU Basketball

Michigan State Basketball Season is back! Get to the Breslin for a game and scream your head off!

I know we're just coming off the excitement of a Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl victory for the Michigan State Spartan football team, but my friends and Spartan fans everywhere - the action is far from over! That's right! We're just into the Big Ten Season for the awesomeness that is MSU basketball! Tom Izzo and Suzy Merchant have great teams once again this year and the Men's and Women's Teams are sure to post great records and make deep runs into the NCAA tournament come the end of the season. Of course you need to catch every game you can on TV, but I'm telling you, do yourself a huge favor and grab your Spartan die-hard fans and get to at least a few games at the Breslin Center this season. There is a home game against Minnesota this weekend! You just can't match the energy and excitement of a Spartan basketball home game. When its cold as ice outside but the crowd is at a rolling boil inside the stadium its pure fun and exactly what college sports are all about. Check out the Spartan basketball schedule and plan a few games right now. Choose one on a Friday or Saturday and make a weekend of it! Go out to dinner in fabulous East Lansing, stop and pick up some new Spartan gear and then head to the game for the real fun. After the game, don't drive all the way home! Stay for the night in a nearby hotel! How fun is that! It's Spartan basketball season! I hope you still have some voice left after all the cheering you did during the Rose Bowl, because both these teams are going to give us a lot to cheer about! Go Green Go White! Let's go Spartan Hoop!