If you are a fan of sports at all, I shouldn't need to tell you that college football kicks off this weekend, and with it, the potential for another very special season for the Michigan State Spartans. With the highest pre-season ranking in over 20 years, Head Coach Mark Dantonio has this Spartan team fine-tuned and ready for action. Starting with the first game of the season this Friday, a game versus Western Michigan at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan State will be on a quest for another Big Ten Championship and beyond. So at this critical time, when the slate is clean and the college football landscape is wide open, with no big upsets, no wins, no losses in the record books - do yourself and your inner circle a huge solid and do TWO THINGS for me. One? Make some plans to get to East Lansing for a Michigan State Football game this season. Yes you can watch the game from home, but nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to being inside the stadium for the live roar of the crowd when a monster sack goes down, or the Spartans cross the goal line dragging defenders along the way. Pick your game, get the tickets, book your room and get your tailgate gear ready. Whats the second thing? Watch this video.


Encapsulating all the bright spots from the Mark Dantonio coaching era, this MSU football hype video will give every true Spartan a lump in their throat and will have you getting up from your chair and yelling GO GREEN GO WHITE!

The wait is over. College football is back, and the Michigan State Spartans are in the discussion to finish on top. Jump in with two feet. Be all in. Be a part of Michigan State History. Be able to say, "I was there for that game, you should have heard the stadium erupt!" This is how great memories are made. Let the season begin!