As an MSU Alum and Spartan sports fanatic, the annual football game versus michigan, well... Let's just say it brings out my poetic side. For a few years now I've done a poem about this rivalry, here's a new one for the upcoming 2014 match-up. Go Green.

On the field of battle where football is played Feats of strength and speed create a brilliant crusade

Passes thrown deep and hits that are loud Give rise to passion for schools of which we are proudMichigan State Spartans

That's why emotions and drama rise to a peak When the Michigan State Spartans enter Rivalry Week

It's time for a battle, a rumble-supreme For one team a nightmare, the other - a dream

In wars with your rivals is how heroes are born one walks in glory, the other in scorn

A Spartan in Green stands ready to fight A Blue Wolverine slinks through the night

It's a fight for the State - a STATEment of pride A victory means supremacy - you're the best - bona-fide

Even when the Wolverines are under-matched slightly This isn't a fight the Spartans ever take lightly

We remember the past and the decades of smug As they tried to sweep Sparty under the rug

Well little brother's grown up - and he's meaner than you Stronger, faster and hungrier too

Coach Dantonio has secured wins in five of the last six What might he have left in that big bag of tricks?

We're fighting for history, and painting it green And our cheers are the fuel for the big Spartan machine

It's Spartans versus Wolverines - an inner-State war And we want a win more than ever before

Spartan warriors! Its time, to stand and to fight For the true colors of this state - the green and the white

Brendan Dwyer

It's Rivaly Week once again, and the Michigan State Spartans are more than ready for kickoff.

It's Rivalry Week once again, and the Michigan State Spartans are more than ready for kickoff.