Michigan State Football

I've had good luck choosing this picture of MSU dumping michigan. so lets stick with it again, right? Go State!

Let's start with the facts. One - The Michigan State Spartans are headed to Pasadena for the playing of the 100th Rose Bowl on New Years Day. Two - We can't all be there to see it in person.

Those are the facts. Plain as the nose on your face. there are lots of reasons why - number of tickets, money, logistics, other priorities, fear of flying, what have you. What's left to consider now, you ask? I'll tell you. What are you going to do about it, thats what. If you're going to the Rose Bowl, awesome, have fun and Go Green. That's easy. But what if you're not? Like me, and tens of thousands of other MSU Football fans? We still get to be a part of this special season of Spartan Football we just have to be more creative. Sure you can watch this game at home, have people over for a little watch party, or, if you take your football seriously, watch it alone with a pensive look on your face, it's totally up to you. But if you're asking me what you should do for the Rose Bowl given you don't have plans to head to Pasadena, I'll tell you. This is a biggie. One of the biggest Spartan football games in the history of the school. You need lots of Spartan mojo on your side for this one my friends. Here's my iron-clad advice for an incredible time and even some good luck for watching the big game. Head to a classic East Lansing bar or restaurant and watch the game on multiple huge-screen TVs with a few hundred of your closest friends. I mean it, get there early (I mean EARLY) and stay until the last tick of the clock and for, hopefully, the Green and White celebration afterward. Well-loved Spartan haunts like Buffalo Wild Wings, Crunchy's, Dublin Square, Harrison Roadhouse, Harrison Pub, Reno's (East or West), the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe and a host of other spots will be showing the game and serving up great food, drinks and good times had by all. Now I'm going to go over this again, because it's critical. If you want to watch the game out in public, at a cool Spartan haunt so you can high-5 strangers, yell and scream and carry on, you have to plan ahead. Don't show up somewhere 5 minutes before the game starts and plan to get a seat and start the fun. Good times like these go to the warriors, who stake out spots in strategic locations early. Like hours before game time. Don't freak out, you can handle it. After all, Spartans WILL, right? The game is at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, January 1st - PLAN ACCORDINGLY. No, we aren't going to Pasadena to see the Rose Bowl, but we're going to have a fantastic time anyway. C'mon Spartans, Beat the Cardinals and get that Rose Bowl win to cap the Greatest Season of Spartan Football in school history!