snow day

There is more to do on a snow day than watch 12 hours of television. Bundle up and get out to some cool area attractions!

As Greater Lansing takes another spin through the wickedly cold Polar Vortex we're seeing below zero temps and lots of weather related school closures for the kids. Now while they love this special gift from Mother Nature parents are faced with something different. Parents who are home with these kids are tired of watching cartoons and video games, with breaks to make and then clean up meals. What I'm getting at is there is more to do on snow days than lay around the house. Depending on the roads and the wind chill (Do dress warm and be careful driving if you get on the roads) there are plenty of fun things to do in Lansing to break up a snow day, do some learning and enjoy a change of scenery.

Some of the areas museums are perfect places to spend the day, or a few hours anyway. Check out the Broad Art Museum, The Michigan Historical Museum, the RE Olds Transportation Museum, MSU Museum or Impression 5 Science Center. Going out for lunch can break things up nicely too. You're home all day with a few kids; you just got done cleaning up breakfast, now they want lunch? Forget it.Head to one of Lansings restaurants and break up the day and give yourself a treat. Then theres a movie, a trip to the mall, roller skating, bowlingGet the drift? Get out into Greater Lansing for some fun and break the snow day blues. Eventually spring will be here but in the mean time we've got to endure the cold. Make it more fun than lying around the house. Get out and tell winter, "Go ahead and drop the temp - we're going to have fun anyway!"