Well the World cup is in full swing and everyone's got soccer fever, or so it seems. If watching all this soccer has you fired up, or reminiscent of the days when you used to play organized soccer, maybe you should think about getting back into it. Why not? The Greater Lansing area has a lot of opportunities for adult soccer leagues, indoor and outdoor, competitive and co-ed, you name it. Not only a bunch of leagues, but a bunch of first-rate places to play as well. Long-time Lansing staples like Soccer Zone and The Summit are now joined by recently renovated and reinvigorated sites like the Hope Sports Complex. Great information about soccer in the area, both league and tournament info is available on our website or if you have a specific question about how to get your kicks with soccer in the Greater Lansing area, call a member of our friendly staff right here at the Greater Lansing Sports Authority. Don't let the world Cup teams have all the fun. Soccer is alive and well in Greater Lansing - dig around a bit and find something that works for you!