Fall can be a tough transition. All through summer you really get used to a warm, inviting outside environment in which to spend free time and family time. Even early fall can be great for this, what with its crisp sunny days, beautiful fall color and a fun-filled trip out to the pumpkin patch. With fall however, you get a few cold and rainy days that just don't allow for outdoor fun. If, like me, you have kids and you're looking for things to do to get out of the house and away from the TV, you'll be glad to hear about a great new offering here in Greater Lansing.

Lansing's Spare Time Bowling

Cold and wet weather got you sitting around the house? Get out and have some fun at the Spare Time Entertainment Center in Lansing!

The Spare Time Entertainment Center (former Holiday Lanes) at 3101 East Grand River in Lansing, next to the University Quality Inn and the entrance to Interstate 496, is an awesome refuge from not only crummy weather, but plenty of boredom and restlessness. I've personally been there a few times already, even though the big renovations haven't been completed for long, attending a few things for work. Yes, this fun entertainment center is a perfect family outing, but is also an excellent choice for all kinds of work and social functions. With a full restaurant, bar, bowling, video games and laser tag, this cool place can really be a lot of things to a lot of folks. Someone said when I was there last, how fun Spare Time Entertainment Center would be as a location for a Rehearsal Dinner. Heck yes, I said! Your wedding party would love you for it. Spotlessly clean and full of all kinds of fun things to do for all ages, makes the all new Spare Time Entertainment Center my official recommendation when the weather is ugly but you want something fun to do. Just because you're not having fun out-of-doors doesn't mean you won't have an incredible time, no matter who you bring with you! Get over and check it out!