Michigan State Spartans

Plenty of sports fun going on for Be A Tourist in Spartan Country!

Sports-minded people familiar with the Greater Lansing area know where the heart of our sports community is - of course, on the campus of Michigan State University. From classic Big Ten sports battles to two lucky college students playing Frisbee in their front yard, its the place we all seem to go to play. That feeling only gets better during our awesome community-wide event, Be A Tourist In Your Own Town. During Be A Tourist, your $1 passport and 50 cent transportation fee to CATA gets you all over and to lots of East Lansing attractions, both playful and inspiring. Ever been to the MSU Bikes Service Center? Rent a bike for free for an hour and pick these guys expert brains about what might be wrong with the back wheel on your bike that you have now not rode for three summers. Check out The MSU Demmer Center and do your best William Tell impression, well minus the whole apple off your sons head thing. Shoot at traditional paper targets and even 3D animal targets. Could you have survived by living off the land 200 years before Wendy's? (Yum. Wendy's. Now I want a Frosty...) Here's your chance to find out. What's next? How about a rigorous walk through MSU's world-renowned horticultural gardens? All varieties of flowers, plants and vegetables are on display and in full bloom for you to observe and discuss. I mean it, everything from rare flowers to Romaine Lettuce. Here's a chance to exercise your legs and brain! What's next? Well, man and woman cannot live by sport alone! Treat your senses to the freshest ice cream you'll ever taste at the MSU Dairy Store, a campus classic. There are a ton of awesome classic flavors, as well as lots of unique and original inventions. They have a flavor for every school in the Big Ten, in fact! How fun, right? The University of michigan flavor sounds good, I think its banana and blueberry, but as a die-hard Spartan, I refuse to even taste it. Yes, I know. Insane loyalty is part of sports, right? I'm guessing most of you understand.

Get out and enjoy MSU Campus, and the rest of Greater Lansing, on June 1st from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for Be A Tourist in Your Town.