St Patricks Day in Lansing

St Patrick's Day reminds us that spring is on the way, bringing good times and kinder temps.

St. Patrick's Day is always a fun time, but especially this year, when EVERYONE is just dying for spring to arrive. The event marks an excellent time to get out and explore events, activities and special doings at area attractions, restaurants and pubs all across town. Great food, musical entertainment and plenty of drinks will be flowing as everyone wears green and celebrates all things Irish. Do you have a favorite place you always go? The area has a lot of Irish-themed pubs, but maybe you have a special tradition somewhere else? Maybe, you have no idea what to do because the last time you went out for St. Patrick's Day you were still in college. Don't fret, me buck-o!

The GLCVB has already done the hard work and scoured the community for the various events and specials, so save yourself a lot of time and just visit the special websitewe've put together that gives you names, dates and times to hit every St. Patrick's Day Special you could ever want! Now with St Patrick's Day on a Monday the whole preceding weekend opens itself up to celebration, so check the info on this website close! Some of the events are going on the day or two before the lucky 17th of March. You don't have to be Irish to have a great time on St Patrick's Day in Greater Lansing, but it sure helps!

Yours in Irish-ness,

Brendan Michael O'Dwyer