Eating is part of the holidays but you dont want to over-do. After all, baithing suit season is just 5 months away.

Eating is part of the holidays but you don't want to over-do. After all, bathing suit season is just 5 months away.

The holidays are about a lot of things. A few of the biggies are seeing loved ones, gift shopping, family traditions and of course - Eating. It sometimes feels like its a part of everything we do during the holidays! Get together with friends and family? Eat. Just had Thanksgiving, what did we all do? Eat. Got lots of leftovers I bet. Better eat them before they go bad. Going shopping? Grandma likes those chocolates, Grandpa wants some nuts and then you need to go grocery shopping for Christmas dinner. Your spouse will make the traditional chex mix and your Mom always makes such good cookies and, oh! Don't forget about crackers and cheese and summer sausage and pineapple dipped in chocolate and popcorn and beer and wine and AHHHH!!! It's a total foodfest - and that's part of the fun, yes, but it can also have you busting out of your pants if you jump into this season of good food with no plan to exercise. Here's an idea. How about making getting out and about to move your body and earn a few of those holiday calories a NEW family tradition! Sounds like a plan, but what will you do? Well, if you're anywhere near the Greater Lansing area, I happen to have a few nice recommendations.

Since we are not buried with snow (yet) take to the Greater Lansing River Trail for a brisk walk with someone you love to talk to. Get going at a good clip and before you know it you'll have burned some calories and unloaded some mental holiday stress as well. Head out to the area's great parks and natural areas for a walk and a little animal watching. Its always relaxing and centering to get out into the wilderness when its cold and calm and still. Lastly, how about getting out and seeing cool holiday stuff that will get you walking and just out of the snacks for a while! I'm talking about great area events like Holidays in Mason, the Wonderland of Lights at Potter Park Zoo, Holiday tours and more! We've put together a special website of all the holiday happenings so you can browse and pick something that suits your group. So yes, lots of eating, and occasion to eat happens around the holidays, but its not as black and white as either putting on 25 pounds or being a food scrooge. You can enjoy holiday treats, just get out and do some stuff that gets you moving so you dont chub up. Remember, we want to be jolly like Santa, but not actually resemble him. Happy Holiday season!