We're lucky in Michigan, and of course in Greater Lansing, to have 4 distinct seasons in the year. Spring, Summer, Winter and Football season. Around here its Spartan football, and its fabulous return means a lot of good times and a rush of warm memories of victories passed. Here in Spartan country things have been real nice for football fans. I mean think about it, we've gone 36-5 since 2013 and have brought home a Rose Bowl win and broke into the newly established College Football Playoff/Final Four. We are defending Big Ten Champs! It's a program on the rise, and headed in the right direction, grounded in hard work, tradition and a blue-collar, kick-your-butt mentality that just never quits. So many great games from last year to reflect back on! What's your favorite!? Stealing Paul Bunyan out of the arms of our rival wolverines? Yes, that's particularly sweet. Since we've won 7 of the last 8 games against them, I like the trend and I think it’s going to continue this year. Yes, you heard it here. Why? Here's my quick answer: The team who has been able to run the ball more effectively has won this series almost every time. That's going to be the Spartans this year. How do I know? Just ask LJ Scott, Madre London and Gerald Holmes, the best crew of tailbacks in the league. Maybe you prefer the Big Ten Championship game versus Iowa where a heavyweight fight came down to the final possession and MSU gritted it out for a late score and the win? The whole season was a lot of fun and we had plenty to cheer about. That's why I'm so excited for this season to begin. I'm ready to fill my head and heart with a whole bunch of exciting memories of great Spartan football moments. It’s this, yes, but its also all the other little things. A chill in the air. Tailgating. Tons of great grub. The local sports page is full of interesting stories and quotes. Top notch Big Ten football action every weekend. Smack talk gets going against rivals. Did I mention tailgating?

It’s an awesome time of the year and Coach Dantonio has been so good to us fans over his tenure, providing great seasons and amazing moments. I think this year is going to be another fantastic year to remember. Obviously, if you can, get to East Lansing for a game and be a part of some of the best football tailgating in the country and add your voice to the raucous cheers inside Spartan Stadium, but if you can’t, at least mentally commit. You know? Get into the fun of it! Watch the games, listen to the radio, read the sports page, tune in to local sports talk...listen to the Mark Dantionio show every week on 94.9 while you wash the dinner dishes, like I do. Its football season, so immerse yourself in it and become swept up in something bigger than yourself. How far can we go? Can we run the table? Take it from this loyal Spartan. It's a blast.