Things to do in Michigan in Winter

I always say, you're NO FUN if you don't like SNOW FUN.

A healthy, thick blanketing of snow has hit the Greater Lansing area folks and that means one thing - well two - a bunch of shoveling for me (boo) but also it means some awesome SLEDDING! I used to love so much piling on layers of clothes, grabbing the sleds and heading to the local sled hill with the most wicked incline to cheat death as I whipped down the frozen track at break-neck speed. From a little kid all the way 'til now I've always thought sledding was a rockin' good time. If you're in the Greater Lansing area this week and this weekend there are a nice amount of great places to go for sledding, for both the wild and mild. Granger Meadows Park near Eastwood Towne Center in DeWitt Township is an awesome winter park with probably the best sledding hill in the area. It's got a big one if you're a seasoned vet and little stuff for the adorable kiddos trying it out for the first time. Ranney Park, located behind Frandor Shopping Center near East Lansing is a nice sledding hill too. Expect to see a few kids from Michigan State going down the sledding hill in a shopping kart from nearby Kroger - hey, it happens, this is a college town. Burchfield Park on Grovenburg Road in Holt is also a sweet place to go for sledding and this place also offers a gorgeous rural setting and miles and miles of groomed cross country skiing trails as well. Okay, there are three suggestions for great places to sled and play in the snow in the area, but there are truly a ton more that are not "official" sledding hills, but spots that offer height and incline that are sure to please, that only local insiders like me know. Where you ask? There is a great place out on Meridian Road in Haslett that I go to all the time. Then how about Behind MacDonald Middle School in East Lansing or behind Bancroft Park in Lansing, where the sled hill spills out onto Grosebeck Golf Course, known by insiders as "Angel Hill". The hill is thus named for the flight sledders take when they hit the jumps and bumps made by crafty local kids off from school on winter break. Can you handle a "flying angel"? If you're under 25 you should be good. It's a thrill, let me put it that way. So yes, we've got snow, now you know where to go! Get out there and play, because if you don't have fun in the snow, then winter is just cold, you know? Have fun and stay warm!