No one decides to run a Marathon on a whim. It not only takes a certain kind of person, it also takes months of training and dedication. Now having said that, why not consider getting involved at some level in the Capital City River Run weekend of races? The event offers a half marathon and a 5k for those that want to get involved and the event actually still needs a lot of volunteers for registration and other important race day duties. Go to the event website and give it some thought. Even if you're not ready to run a marathon this weekend, yes, I know you're not, what about scoping it out for next year? By doing a volunteer shift you can meet other running enthusiasts, check out the course and get the low down so you're not so intimidated when your time comes. Remember too, this race benefits a great cause, the Impression 5 Science Center!


Also coming up, September 18th at the Hawk Island Park, is the Capital City Dragon Boat Race. This is another fun local physical challenge to consider taking part in, but unlike running which is a solo event, this requires a ton of teamwork. You and your crew will row an ancient dragon boat through rounds of time trials to see who’s got the best oars in the business. While there is still time put a team together and register a team! Not feeling seaworthy, that’s okay. You can get involved as a volunteer or just come out and watch. It's really exciting to see these cool boats neck and neck with hard-working paddlers busting their butts to the beat of a drum. The training and time trials start at approximately 8:30 am on Saturday. The time trial end time is dependent upon how many teams enter. All teams will then be organized into a bracket depending on their time during the time trials. The actual racing will then start after the time trials are complete and will run until all brackets are finished. The event is set up as a bracketed tournament. They start with time trials to create 4-6 divisions, then participants race within their division to keep the competition balanced. Each ‘race’ will consist of two heats, one in each lane, and it will take multiple races to work through the division brackets. Sounds like a lot of paddling? Keep in mind that the race course is approximately 300 meters (think 3 football fields), so Start to Flag will take just a few minutes. Your team will be in a boat multiple times throughout the day, which is why you can have up to 25 team members, to include substitutions if you’d like. This is also why you’ll be provided a ‘campsite’ for the day and when your team isn’t competing. Want more information? Visit the site and browse around. And just like with the River Run the Capital City Dragon Boat race benefits a good cause; the Women's Center of Greater Lansing.