The Greater Lansing region, along with partners Suburban Ice East Lansing, the Lansing Skating Club and the Greater Lansing Sports Authority are proud to host the 2017 Eastern Great Lakes Regional Figure Skating Championships. The event, held last year in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has not been held in Greater Lansing since 2003.The Greater Lansing community has been fortunate enough to hold several big U.S. Figure Skating events over the years, and just like those in the past, this event is sure to entertain. Come to Suburban Ice from September 26th to October 1st to see over 200 of the top figure skaters in the country competing for regional honors! The elegance, grace and power of these talented athletes is amazing to behold and something you have to experience live in front of you at least once in your life.

Also notable about this event is the impact it will have on the Greater Lansing economy. Over 200 skaters, 150 coaches, 60 officials and then friends and family will all be calling Greater Lansing their home away from home for several days. While here in town they'll spend money on lodging, fuel, dining, shopping, entertainment and more, making Greater Lansing a better and stronger place for residents to live and work. 

The Olympics may be over but this top notch national competition simply demands to be seen! Get out to Suburban Ice for the 2017 Eastern Great Lakes Regional Figure Skating Championships.