Athletic competition has been thrilling spectators and glorifying participants since the beginning of time. We get our kids into sports as soon as they can walk. We flood our local high schools for Friday Night football and we crowd the campus of our alma mater on Saturday mornings for more football glory. We throw millions at professionals to watch them display their physical gifts. But I ask you - Is that the real joy of sport? Is it about living through others? Or is it about watching someone who is physically gifted dominate on the field of play? I don't. I think sports and athletic competition means so much more than that. It gives us all a feeling of belonging that can't be matched. It rewards hard work put in, with even the most brief and delicious moments of victory. Even if you never end up on SportsCenter the feeling of giving something your all and the bonds that are created by a team are the strongest traits of sports. Nowhere is this more evident than in an athletic competition like the Michigan Victory Games, which happen to be going on in East Lansing this weekend, May 17-20.

The Michigan Victory Games provides athletes who have a physical disability the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive sports. Participation in the Games gives athletes a chance to compete against their peers in a variety of events and reap the benefits as others who participate in organized sports. Major life benefits like learning sportsmanship, getting exercise and most importantly, having fun in a world so full of stress and difficulty and challenges. Since its inception, the Michigan Victory Games has qualified many athletes to compete in Paralympics, World Games and the National Sports Festival. In 2009, Paralympics' representatives attended the Games for the first time -- only one of three sites in the nation to be given this honor.

Do you love sports? Do you get a rush from seeing the drama of the human condition and its drive to be ones best? Do yourself a huge favor and get out to Munn field on MSU campus this weekend and check out the Michigan Victory Games - It's the very picture of victory - with meaning.

Michigan Victory Games 2012 May 17, 2012 - May 20, 2012 Venue: Munn Field- MSU Address: Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824 Times: Varies Contact: Katie McDowell