When I was in high school, it would have beenin 1992, I spent the summer working at Chisholm Hills Golf Course in Holt. I didn't have any connections for a cushy summer job like some of my friendsand the internet didn't exist at that time.But, since I had to finda way to make enough money to put gas in my car and take my girlfriend out to eat once in a while I opened the phone book and started making calls. I had friends that worked in hotels washing dishes, or in movie theaters vacuuming up popcorn or at the mall selling soft pretzels but I had decided I really wanted to work outside. I wanted to get my hands dirty, get some sun and stay in shape with some good, honest labor. In other words, really work for my money. Lets just say I called the right place.

Chisholm Golf Course- Michigan Golf

A good looking course like this is hard work!

From my very first task on my very first day I got a taste for the intense manual labor I'd handle daily that summer which I'll remember for the rest of my life. Digging 18-inch deep post-holes at each of the 18 tees on the course for new ball washers that were going to be installed. That's what I did on my first day and I literally had blisters on my blisters. But believe it or not I came back the next day, and the next and the next doingmiles of mowing, tree trimming, weed trimming, pond scum removal, charging up the golf carts and a ton of other duties. I worked really hard and therefore took a lot of pride in the way the course looked. I'm glad to say I was out there again recently for the first time in like 20 years (yikes!) and I still was really pleased with how it looked. Thelayout of the holesare a lot the same andthe care of the courseis as immaculate as ever.Now thoughthe course is surrounded by a sharp little residential neighborhood and thesite evenboasts some top notch banquet facilities.

I highly recommend you check out Chisholm Hills Golf Course when you get out and play this season. Its a fun course at a fair price that is challenging, but not impossible so you feel like quitting golf forever. Do me a favor though, will you? If you hit into a sand trap at Chisholm Hills, rake out your footsteps after you retrieve your ball. Raking out the sand traps was a job I really hated back then, and nothing bugged me more than when someone hit into the trap and then left their footprints in the sand. Its golf etiquette 101 and a pet peeve from an old greenskeeper. Also, put trash in its place and repair ball marks on the greens. I know, I know -I'm getting preachy now but hey, I know its been 20 years, but I worked my behind off on that course when I was 17, and some new kid is doing the same thing today because the course looks great. I sure hope the new kid makes more money than I did. It was hard enough filling my gas tank up back then when gas was about a buck a gallon... Chisholm Hills Golf & Banquet Center 2395 Washington Rd. Lansing, MI 48911 Phone: (517) 694-0169 Fax: (517) 694-7765 Web: www.chisholmhills.com