Almost as big a part of college football as the game itself - is the TAILGATE. In those precious hours before kick-off, the tailgate party embodies many things. Excitement. Raw eagerness. Anticipation. Gross over-indulgence. You name it. Its the pre-party before the event itself and if you've been to any tailgate, fancy or modest, you've seen there are some really clear different types of people at a tailgate. Some people have an enormous spread, with enough food and drink for an army, or you'll see the other side of the spectrum, which is two guys sitting around a little charcoal grill with a pack of hot dogs and a squished bag of buns. Coolers full of ice. Footballs flying. Spartan Flags flapping. Some have TV's going, some love the radio. Some tailgate parties feel like a dance party, others like a graduation party. Are you brave enough to go where the Students tailgate? Some people get their tailgate spot super early, some never host one, they just go to other peoples parties and grab food - I call them Seagulls... Yep, just like there are lots of types of tailgate parties, you've got a lot of tailgate attendee stereotypes. You've got the "Mom" type, whose always giving the bean dip a stir, holding on to everyones tickets and pulling the brownies out of the sun. Then you've got the Bragger, who when he runs HIS tailgate, he always does it bigger and better than you. Just two crock pots? He runs 5. He has the quietest generator on the market. He always has raspberry mojitos. You get the drift. Do you know the different tailgater stereotypes? There are many, some funny, some annoying. Which type are you?

To celebrate the return of college football and the beloved tailgate Saturday the GLCVB had a little fun and put together a video celebrating a few entertaining tailgate stereotypes. Is this you? Someone you know? Hope you enjoy, but remember, no matter what type of tailgater you are, bring your game to East Lansing for a game this season. As we kick off the home season this Saturday with an epic match-up against Oregon, start planning a trip to East Lansing for a game and be a part of a tailgating experience that is second to none.