Community Awards & Recognition

Traditionally we have recognized an individual with our Volunteer of the Year award. This year we have the opportunity to recognize an organization that not only provides volunteers for LSC and other events, but one that is committed to providing a second opportunity for our region’s youth. Michigan Youth Challenge Academy offers young people between the ages of 16-18 a chance to change and improve their lives by incorporating eight core components that encourage physical, mental and moral development. Part of the program allows select youth the chance to serve their community through volunteer service. Michigan Youth Challenge has been a big supporter of LSC driven events over the years and have been critical to the success of many events in the region. Volunteers are the back-bone of many of our events, the leadership and students at the Michigan Youth challenge Academy are always willing to volunteer and do so efficiently and effectively.

There is a good chance many in our community don’t realize how strong the sport of disc golf is in our region and how many stellar courses are located in the community. The Capital City Crushers are doing everything in their power to help elevate the sport, not only across Greater Lansing, but across the country. In 2018 the GLSA was fortunate to partner with the club to bid and host the Professional Disc Golf Associations Women’s Championship. While the club is no stranger to hosting great events, the Women’s Championship was a first for our region. The event even tied a record for the most entries ever in the competition. Because of the great work done by the club, Greater Lansing is on the map for future championship disc golf events.

2018 Lansing Sports AuthorityTM Community Champions

Most college students have their hands full with classes, holding down a job and trying to find some time to enjoy the experience. Josh Ressio has raised the bar for all college students. Through his vision, passion and dedication he developed the first ever rugby event to be held at Cooley Law School Stadium. This event pitted Michigan State University against the University of Michigan. Aptly titled, “The Battle for the Mitten”. The match was a roaring success, attracting roughly 2,000 people and showcasing Cooley Law School stadium as a flexible and attractive facility for future rugby matches-and other potential events. The event was so successful, discussion is ongoing to make this an annual event. 

Stunt is a varsity sport derived from cheerleading and is currently the fastest growing female sport in the country, combining the athletic skills required in cheer and introduces additional stunt elements, while pitting the teams in exciting head-to-head competition. In only its eighth year of existence, college Stunt Nationals was awarded to Greater Lansing. The event brought teams from across the country to the region to compete for their National Championship. The event was streamed on the ESPN family of networks, driving additional exposure to the region. Michigan State, one of the sports powerhouse programs, also qualified for the event-providing some local flavor. The efforts to bring the event to the region and the hefty requirements to organize it were due in large measure to Caitlyn Vermiglio and Elyse Packard, who both serve as coaches for Stunt and Cheer programs at MSU.