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The Greater Lansing Sports Authority (GLSA) is your resource for sports tournament and event planning in Michigan's Capital Region. As a full-service sports commission we will work with you on every aspect of your event, as dedicated to its success as you are. Located in the heart of Michigan, Greater Lansing is convenient to reach and easy to navigate. Our region is full of well-equipped lodging, first-rate athletic venues, entertainment options for the team and so much more. No matter the size of your event or the sport you've come to play, the GLSA is ready to help plan and support your event. We're more than just a local information source, we're a true partner in the planning process. Let's get started!

Here's What Our Partners Have To Say:

Working with the GLSA on this tournament has been amazing. From helping with hotels, to acquiring volunteers for this massive undertaking, the GLSA is simply a valuable tool I would not want to be without in the future. 06/2019 - Matt Rinker, Event Organizer and President of the Capital City Renegades Disc Golf Club
Thank you for making the East Lansing Regional a first-class event from start to finish! 05/2019 - Indiana University Women's Golf
There are times when it feels like the GLSA handles everything other than calling balls and strikes for us. Truly a full-service outfit; the GLSA staff greets patrons on their way into the park and on the way out. They work with hotel properties to secure the best rates for our teams and fans. They supply us with terrific volunteer staff who are always smiling, rain or shine. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a solid partner for our mid-Michigan tournament events. 06/05/2019 - Andi, Michigan High School Athletic Association
The Sports Authority is instrumental in the success of this event. I hope they know how much they are appreciated by the committees and the charities it benefits. 9/25/2018 - Fifth Third Capital City River Run, Michelle Coss, CTA
GLSA is a wonderful partner for any business hosting a Lansing Area event. Their staff are skilled at marketing, offer event planning ideas and providing local resource contacts. Miranda Coleman has been an amazing contact and I feel she is a true partner for the events I have hosted. You feel they WANT you to succeed are there to HELP you do that. 9/19/2018 – Paddle for YOUR Cause, Elizabeth Maxwell
GLSA made beautiful welcome baskets for all our head coaches. It was such a nice and unexpected touch that really helped make each team feel special. We are so proud of MSU and showing off everything we have to offer in the Greater Lansing Area; it was very cool to get to share that with the out of town teams and have them experience how great the Lansing area really is. 9/18/2018- Mary Fossum Invitational, Caroline Powers
Love working with GLSA for our events in mid-Michigan. Staff attitudes are always positive, service and programming are always professional. 8/16/2018- MHSAA Baseball, Softball and Soccer Finals, Andi Osters
Hi Miranda, Tom and Mike, good afternoon! The birthday celebration you organized for Iha Sensei this past weekend was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Emily sent a copy of a video she took (below), it was simply the best. You can see it in Iha Sensei and all the members faces:-) Marian and I absolutely love working with your team at the Lansing Sports Authority, we don’t know how you are able to make your part each year the best one yet. 8/15/2018- Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association National Training Seminar (NTS), Mark McCloud
Greater Lansing Sports Authority is an unbelievable support group that goes above and beyond making sure your participants have a phenomenal experience during their stay in Greater Lansing!! 8/14/2018- Intercollegiate Tennis Associate (ITA) Summer Circuit hosted by Michigan State University Men’s Tennis, Gene Orlando
GLSA is the best group to work with in every way possible! 8/14/2018- MHSAA, Executive Director- Mark Uyl
Working with GLSA has been wonderful as we really enjoy working with the staff as they are helpful in so many ways. I could not picture us doing and event in this area and not including GLSA when possible. We are very thankful with the partnerships that we have had with GLSA for our events. 8/14/2018- Moneyball Sportswear, Desmond Ferguson
THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TO WORK WITH! 8/14/2018- SSUSA Northern Championships, Mike Dembicki
From start to finish, we had an amazing experience with GLSA. The staff was extremely accommodating and always pleasant to converse with. Miranda and Tom are top notch!! 6/28/2018 2018 STUNT National Championship, Katrina Wireman
The GLSA has been a key part in the success of our tournaments here at The Summit Sports and Ice Complex. They provide they details and support to ensure every event we host is a high-quality production. 6/25/2018-The Summit Sports and Ice Complex, Josh Hobrla
The Greater Lansing Sports Authority were invaluable to our event at MSU. Being from out of the area, they help us coordinate key elements in making our championship a success. I couldn't imagine doing our event without them. 5/17/2018 2018 STUNT National Championship, Lauri Harris
GLSA was so helpful in planning our event! They put us in contact with an EMT and lent us lots of supplies to use the day of. The bonus Pop-Tarts were especially appreciated by players. 2/28/2018- MSU Quidditch, Miranda Tolsma
GLSA helped us with so many facets of our event hotel reservation blocks, press releases, Snap-Chat filters, printed advertising, local tourism and hospitality, gifts for officials, a website, social media shout-outs and much more. They helped us brainstorm issues and come up with options for solutions and were super responsive and always willing to help solve problems whenever they could. They helped our league win a bid to host a Statewide event for the first time, the participants have had nothing but positive feedback for us, and we will more than likely get the host the event next year! -Mitten Kitten Mash Up Roller Derby
Truly one of the best Sports Commissions to work with for an event. Capital Cup Hockey, Jonathan Globke



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