The GLSA is now the Lansing Sports CommissionTM

The Greater Lansing Sports Authority, a sub-division of the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau, underwent a rebranding process and has been renamed the Lansing Sports CommissionTM.

While the name has changed, the organization's mission has not. The LSC remains focused on amateur athletic competitions and events and is committed to regional destination development of athletic facilities in the area.

Logo Design Rationale

Lansing Sports Commission Plan On Something Greater

The new logo is bright, bold, and engaging, using a strong typeface to signal a destination of substance. The color variation in the pin is a nod to diversity and inclusivity which helps evoke the colorful mosaic of the region’s residents. 

The locator pin dotting the ”i” is commonly used as a destination marker in digital marketing and social media. The star within the locator pin denotes Lansing as the Capital city. (On maps, star symbols indicate Capital cities, as opposed to dots for regular cities.)  

The tagline "Plan on Something Greater" communicates the expanded reach of both organizations across the greater Lansing area. It also reflects community and stakeholder feedback that these organizations go above and beyond with exceptional services and experiences. 

Partner Agency

The Lansing Sports CommissionTM engaged North Star Place Branding & Marketing in the summer of 2022 to spearhead the rebrand. North Star conducted interviews and surveys with community leaders, event planning clients, residents, and others to produce the foundational research to drive the rebranding efforts. They also helped develop the new name, tagline, and logo design.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A region’s Sports Commission is responsible for promoting the destination by booking and servicing sports tournaments and events, all of which help boost the local economy. 

    Often the official point of contact for event planners, Sports Commisions are considered destination experts. They can offer unbiased recommendations and extensive information on facilities, offsite venues, and unique activities. They are experts at helping groups get the most out of their time in the destination. 

    As not-for-profit organizations, Sports Commissions do not charge for their services. Most of a Sports Commision's funding comes through a combination of hotel occupancy taxes/assessments and membership dues. The Lansing Sport Commission is a sub-division of Choose LansingTM and their members are comprised of hospitality-related businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, and attractions in the Greater Lansing region. 

    • The Greater Lansing region attracts over 5.3 million visitors each year.
    • Those visitors generate an annual economic impact of $682 million dollars.
    • The hospitality and tourism industry is responsible for 11,000 local jobs.
  • While our name and look have changed, our mission remains the same. We will still promote sports tourism  to the tri-county area of Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties, in order to benefit the local economy. The word “greater” has dropped from our name, but it stands out in the tagline as a nod to our reach across the region.  

  • The new brand and accompanying advertising campaign will be used for promotional, educational, and informational purposes. Our mission is to attract event planners, sports groups and hospitality partners to the region. Materials will be updated throughout the remainder of 2023.

  • For additional information on the rebranding initiative please contact Tracy Padot, CTA, Vice President Marketing Communications.

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