The residents of Greater Lansing are comprised of a diverse mix of ethnicities and backgrounds and have created a food scene that is equally complex. Whether you crave a traditional burger and beer, a team friendly pizza joint, fresh sushi or a farm to table experience, Michigan’s Capital region has something for everyone.


Calling all bargain hunters and shop-aholics! Greater Lansing is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of even the most avid shopper.


Whether you’re looking for team-friendly accommodations with on-site activities, or want a quiet place to rest your head, we’ve got lodging conveniently located to the regions numerous sporting venues.

Things To Do

We understand you're coming to Greater Lansing for an important game, but when the final buzzer sounds, why not have some fun?!

Special Offers

Bringing the whole family for a tournament in Greater Lansing doesn't have to break the bank. Whether you're looking for discounts on dining or want to find a fun affordable family activity, we have you covered.


Greater Lansing spans over Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties in the heart of Michigan. The region offers so much to discover.