Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that has been around for centuries. It’s one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and that growth is catching on in Lansing, Michigan.

As of 2023, the sport has a permanent home in Lansing. Delta Township, in partnership with the Lansing Cricket League, celebrated the construction of the region’s first dedicated cricket pitch at Delta Mills Park on August 23rd.

The new pitch is a standard 22 yards long, features a hard surface designed for cricket, and is surrounded by a sizeable 360-degree outfield.

The new pitch was constructed just in time; while the Lansing Cricket League (LCL) has been around for over 20 years, it has recently seen significant growth. The summer of 2023 was no exception, as the last tournament of the season had to be split into two weekends to accommodate all the competing teams.

The Lansing Cricket League currently has more than 10 teams, with around 200 people participating each month in matches that take place every weekend during the summer.

Previously, the league played its matches on baseball fields, which wasn’t ideal because a baseball field pitch is too short, and the outfield isn’t 360 degrees around the pitch.

Thus, the need for a dedicated space to play cricket in the Lansing area. This project was the result of a two-year planning and building process, funding from Delta Township, and consistent advocacy by Prakashbhai Chaudhari, Alpesh Patel, Lansing Cricket League, and Marcus Kirkpatrick at Delta Township.

The LCL is already looking ahead to another potential cricket pitch on Lansing’s west side, as well as one in Meridian Township to the east.

We’re excited to see Greater Lansing’s cricket scene grow, especially with part of the 2024 World Cup taking place in the US!

Learn more about Delta Mills Park on our venue page, and learn more about where to play cricket in the Lansing area on the LCL’s page.

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