The big question coming out of the Greater Lansing Sports Authority this Fall is –


For example, did you know the GLSA has been around for over a decade now? Did you know that the impact on the local sports and tourism community over that time has been incredible? And did you further know, that the GLSA is the local voice for amateur sports tournaments and events and a full-service sports commission, ready to make every game in Greater Lansing a huge success?
Let’s look for a minute at the specifics, because they really tell the story. Read this list of accomplishments and be ready to learn something you didn’t know:

•    DYK that over the last 10 years the GLSA has grown sports events in the area by 272%

•    DYK that over the last decade sports tournament related hotel room consumption has grown by 185%

•    DYK that over a ten-year period there has been a 340% increase in the number of athletes coming to Greater Lansing for a sports tournament or event?

•    DYK that for GLSA events alone over 40,000 local hotel rooms are used annually by athletes visiting for a sports tournament or event?

•    DYK that just the sports events that the GLSA brought to town nearly 75,000 athletes come to Greater Lansing every year for a sports tournament or event?

•    DYK that last year the Greater Lansing area welcomed over 334 thousand spectators to the area for a sports tournament or event?

•    DYK that sports tournaments brought to the area by the GLSA
have generated over a million dollars for local sports clubs like the Lansing Skating Club, Capital Area Soccer League and Lansing Spartans Hockey Club?


The GLSA has accomplished some big things and it’s a good time to pause, take a look back and see where we’ve been and the impact we’ve made on the local sports community. The GLSA has put its stamp on the area to be sure, but in many ways it’s just the beginning. Explore the rest of to learn more about the GLSA, the unique services we provide and how you might be able to work with us in the future!