The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau (GLCVB) is excited to join the rest of the community in welcoming the latest Gillespie Group development to downtown Lansing. The massive 150 thousand square foot development will occupy a 4.15-acre portion of land on the 600 block of Michigan avenue, kitty corner from Cooley Law School Stadium.

Summer in Greater Lansing is an awesome time. Concerts and farmer's markets and a kayak ride down the grand river makes it a special place when the sun is out. However my favorite part about the Capital City in the summer is the Lansing Lugnuts. Our team is the Class A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays and will serve as hosts for the 2018 Midwest League All Star Game on June 19th at 7:05 p.m.

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town (This Saturday June 2nd from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) is a fantastic way to explore Michigan's Capital region. From attractions to galleries to wineries and breweries the whole community opens its doors and offers a chance for residents and visitors alike to explore Greater Lansing for just the cost of your $1 passport.

This is it folks! March Magic Hoopfest is back, and I, for one, am really excited. Why? I'll tell you. Because this time of year we are barraged by basketball - from the big NCAA tournament to the professional ranks to the prep teams fighting for supremacy - but it’s still too cold to get out in the driveway and shoot around, or challenge your buddy to a game of around-the-world. Hoopfest is a sure sign of spring and brings that feel of a basketball free-for-all indoors.

March Magic Hoopfest is a true celebration of basketball, and what better possible timing? Mid-March is the best possible time for basketball, I mean every hoop-lovers dream. You've got prep basketball playoffs going on and the college ranks are preparing for the big tournament, brackets are flying around and everybody is keeping their eye on their favorite team and learning about the match-ups with possible opponents.