Nate Reens Bio
Nate Reens

Nate Reens has 20 years of experience as a reporter and editor working in Michigan and Georgia. He has covered the bloodsports of politics and government - fitting for finding fun in the Capital City - tracked the actions of police and court systems and led reporting teams. A Michigan State fan since birth, Nate watches too many Spartan games each year and once pulled muscles in his back when Korie Lucious hit the game-winning three-pointer against Maryland in the 2010 NCAA Tournament. Nate plans to thoroughly research the Makers and Shakers Trail.

Every Sport has a Home in Greater Lansing

Finding a place to play in the Greater Lansing area is a breeze, regardless of where your competitive spirit lands and no matter what playing surface you demand. Archery? Yes Basketball or badminton? We've got that. Cheerleading and Cup-Stacking? No problem. Dance? You bet…

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How Lansing area outings build team chemistry, bonding

Great teams thrive by working together, but that doesn't always come naturally even with extended time on the practice field and during in-game competition. On your visit to Lansing, we want you to play hard, but we also think it's an awesome opportunity to check out area attractions to foster team unity. Coaches know teams that achieve a locker room chemistry in which they are willing to work for and push each other are almost always more successful than a divided group.   Here are six ideas where athletes can spend time learning about their teammates:…

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Beyond Valvano and Lombardi: Lansing-area legends offer sports motivation

There are lists galore on the best motivational or inspirational quotes from sports figures. Every fan knows cancer-stricken basketball coach Jim Valvano's stirring speech that included the battle cry "don't give up, don't ever give up." Some of the words of NFL great Vince Lombardi are among the most quotable ever to emerge from a leader in any position and coaches in all sports look at John Wooden's techniques. Those who have made their mark and beensports leaders in Greater Lansing, Michigan have offered these takes on their lives and its advice applicable for non-athletes as well.  …

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